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As one of the leading sales and technology companies in Kansas City, our team at Spring Venture Group prides itself on staying cutting edge. We’ve taken the traditional, outdated process of hiring employees and modernized it to fit our needs and values.

Here at SVG, we utilize video interviewing regularly to connect with candidates throughout the interview process. Not only does this streamline our operations, it makes the interview more accessible and approachable for you as well. Done in the comfort of your home and on your own time, this interview is a simple, savvy way for us to get to know both you as a person and a professional.

“The ease and efficiency of the interview process was great. I wish more places were like this. The use of technology is much appreciated and makes me excited for a potential career opportunity with SVG.”

We understand that this may be a new technology for you—that’s why we’ve created this quick guide as a reference point. After completing the initial application, here’s what you’ll experience during our video interview process.

What can I expect?

Our online interview process is very straightforward. You choose to either go through a practice interview or take the official interview immediately. The practice interview includes five practice questions that allow you to get comfortable with the process and familiarize yourself with the technology and recording actions.

video interview SVG screen

The interview will be made up of 10 or fewer questions, that may be a combination of behavioral, technical or situational. The questions will be asked via a prerecorded video or text from one of our team members and you will be asked to respond via video or text. You will then have time to prepare your response before the system officially starts recording your answer.

We believe this interview style gives you the opportunity to highlight your skills, experience and personality and truly breathe life into your resume.

“I really liked that ability to explain my answers in depth and show my personality.”

Why does Spring Venture Group use the video interview?

We use technology and data in everything we do—this is just another example. Our video interviews are tailored specifically to the position your interested in, so not only does it tell us if you are a good fit for our team, it also helps you see if we are a good fit for you as well.

How does this benefit me?

With our video interview, we are able to truly meet you wherever you are—whether it’s a coffee shop, your living room, or a hotel lobby. It also allows you to interview on your own time, whenever is convenient for you.

Our video interview also speeds up the hiring process, allowing you to interview almost immediately—much faster than the traditional, inconvenient process of waiting weeks for a scheduled appointment after submitting your resume into an internet blackhole.

What technology is required?

Any device with a camera and an internet connection. Yes, it’s really that easy.

“I have never used my phone video. I was nervous about this technology but the app did everything for me. Bravo!”

When can I complete the interview?

Whenever works best for you. Because there is no one on the other end of the interview, you can answer questions at your own convenience.

We understand that scheduling time out of your busy day for a first-round interview can be inconvenient; we initiated this process to help make it easier for us to show you who we really are and give you the opportunity to screen us before an in-office interview.

We do recommend that you complete the interview within 48 hours of receiving the initial email. This will keep you (and us) top of mind.

How can I prepare for the interview?

We highly recommend first taking the practice test to fully understand the functionality of the interview and get comfortable with the process. But if you don’t have time to take the practice test, or don’t feel that it’s necessary, don’t worry: Our system is very intuitive and user-friendly.

video interview 2 SVG screen

And because most of our questions are to learn more about you, reflecting on your career and coming up with specific examples beforehand that may fit into our line of questioning is always a good idea. The better detail you can provide, the easier it is for our team.

“I feel as if you guys gave us all the right tools and time to answer each question. I do like that you give a practice of the interview so that we know what to expect.”

What happens next?

You will hear from us soon after completing the video interview. The next step is typically an in-person interview. In this interview, you will meet our team, check out our digs, and see if you’re a good fit.

All-in-all, our video interview process is a benefit to both you and us. It’s all about creating an efficient experience for each and every candidate that allows them to learn about SVG, tell their story and connect with our team.

Now go out and crush that video interview—we can’t wait to meet you!

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