These Three Values Make Our People Tick

December 15, 2014 /


Explicitly defining company values is a task that can be pushed aside with ease as seemingly more urgent duties take precedence. This mission, though not simple, is one that can help a company stay organized in its pursuit of an exemplary internal ecosystem. Taking the time to formally define our values was an exercise in working “on” our business, versus working “in” our business…two very different things.

When we started our company, our values were always clear and universally shared without much formal discussion or distribution the benefit of being a very small group of people. We felt that defining them now would leave no room for doubt as we continue our rapid growth.

We distilled the combined thoughts of every single person in our company into what you see below.

To dig up the true, shared values within our company, we asked everyone to think about and send us up to five values that they live by or aspire to live by. We noticed several similarities and overarching ideas in the responses. These similarities became categories that we sent back out for even more feedback.

Upon reaching the final copy, we realized that this is a process that never ends. It is the responsibility of every one of us to protect and live by our value set, and in turn, preserve and contribute to our culture. These values are baked into the way we interview and hire, the high level of customer service we deliver, the way we view our coworkers, and our decision making process.

We’re always looking for accountable, authentic and innovative people to join our team. If these values resonate with you, we’d enjoy the opportunity to speak with you.

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