The SVG Sales Coach Program

September 13, 2016 /



While many factors that determine our success as professionals are internal, those involving guidance and goals are often influenced by the people around us. Within Spring Venture Group’s sales teams, Sales Coaches and Sales Managers combine to provide a roadmap for success for our Sales Agents.

One key requirement of this program is that all Sales Coaches must continue hitting their normal sales quota during their tenure as a Coach. Leading by example, then, is automatically a factor in their success as an individual and as a leader.

Upon entrance into the Sales Coach program, Managers pair each Coach up with a few newer agents with whom they will meet regularly over the course of several weeks. The Coach plays a huge role in the development of an agent’s ability to analyze their own sales calls and skills. Through a combination of call reviews, shadowing (with the Coach listening-in via audio splitter), and “lunch and learn” meetings, the Coaches deliver specific and actionable advice on a regular basis.

For the Sales Coach, this is an opportunity for personal and professional development. It looks great on a resume but is also a chance to lead someone other than themselves to success. Past Sales Coaches often comment that they learned a lot about their own sales skills through the program and that they now understand even better what it takes to produce high-level results on a consistent basis.

As we grow, the number of Sales Coaches and Managers will continue to increase. We are very excited to present opportunities for growth to individuals who both display the characteristics needed for success and who live out our three core values.

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