SVG Welcomes Employee Engagement Leader

May 23, 2016 /



The recent hiring of our first-ever Employee Engagement Leader signals the beginning of a period of growth for what we consider to be a work environment without comparison. We’re thrilled to welcome a team member whose entire focus will be the success of programs such as SVG Social, SVG Welcome Wagon, and the Agent Advisory Board.

While our Employee Engagement Leader will certainly plan and execute events and will direct activities related to the aforementioned groups, she will also handle more high-level tasks regarding employee happiness and overall engagement. It is this philosophical approach that we believe will deliver the greatest dividends once this position is operating at full speed.

In the first week of operation, our Employee Engagement Leader has begun brainstorming ideas for facilitating employee feedback and increasing participation in philanthropic outings. With this new talented resource on our team, we will be able to explore any and all ideas for creating a world-class work environment.

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