SVG Welcome Wagon

February 26, 2016 /



The SVG Welcome Wagon makes it extremely difficult for new hires to feel unwelcome at their new job. We truly believe that employees with a sense of importance and feeling of responsibility will always perform at a higher level.

Laura Hulfeld, who manages the Welcome Wagon program in addition to her normal work responsibilities, said, “I’m pleased with the progress we’re making with the Welcome Wagon. Long-time employees are buying-in and new employees are consistently touting what a difference it makes in the first few weeks of employment.”

This progress is manifesting itself in flags designating Welcome Wagon employees at their desk, free SVG swag giveaways during training, lunch outings with current employees, and a plethora of other events. With a commitment to creative activity and meaningful conversation, there is no doubt that the Welcome Wagon will continue to make life easy for new hires at SVG for years to come.

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