SVG Supports “Growing Futures” This Holiday Season

November 1, 2017 /


As Spring Venture Group grows, so do our philanthropic efforts. Growing Futures Early Education Center is an organization SVG regularly supports – particularly through their “Holiday Adoption Program”. This year, we’re setting the bar higher for our involvement with this incredible program: collect 30 baskets. The holidays are right around the corner, so start this season off right and get involved with your team and donate to Growing Futures’ Holiday Adoption Program!

Q&A with Executive Director, Terrie Travis:

What is the purpose of the Holiday Basket Drive?

The purpose of the drive is to help low-income families celebrate the holidays, support their efforts towards self-sufficiency, and support kindergarten readiness for their child.

What items need to be included in each basket?

  • SVG provides a laundry basket for each team
  • Preschool/kindergarten age books
  • Preschool age-appropriate games (non-battery operated)
  • Building blocks or stacking toys
  • Drawing tablet and crayons or washable markers
  • Hat and mitten sets
  • Mid-size ball
  • Multi-pack of toilet paper
  • Laundry detergent (dye/perfume free)
  • $25 gift card (Walmart, grocery store, QuikTrip)
  • Wrapping paper, scissors, and tape

(The suggested total value for each basket is $150.)

How many organizations were involved last year and what do you anticipate this year?

Last year we had over 30 companies (and many individuals) support the Holiday Basket Drive. Because of that, all 247 children received a basket! Each year, our goal is for every enrolled Growing Futures child/family to receive a basket.

Can you shed some light on the real-life impact the Holiday Adoption Program has on the Growing Futures community?

Growing Futures is located in affluent Johnson County, Kansas and yet the reality is that over 32,000 people are living at 100% of poverty earning no more than $20,420 a year. A livable wage for one adult and two children is a little over $56,000 a year.

While the holiday season is meant to be a joyful time, for many it is a time of great financial challenge and anxiety. Parents struggle with what to tell their children if they can’t afford any holiday gifts. The Holiday Adoption Program is an opportunity to support local, low-income families in having a pressure-free holiday so that their hard-earned dollars can go towards food, shelter, and heat. Every child – no matter the family income – would like a special gift to open during the holidays. The Growing Futures Holiday Basket Program provides gifts to parents that they can wrap and give to their children. Thank you for your support!

If you want to get involved and donate to this wonderful cause, find out more information online at

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