Six Sales Resume Tips From SVG Leaders

March 24, 2017 /



Before you submit your resume to the company of your dreams (Spring Venture Group) for that new sales position, check out these six tips from SVG leaders.

Tip #1: Have examples ready to highlight your strengths

Since we don’t require our sales agents to have previous sales experience, we look for qualities and experiences that have helped cultivate a competitive drive and a strong work ethic. Talent Acquisition Specialist, Cady Walter, says, “Anyone can say they are hardworking, determined, competitive, whatever the characteristic may be – but I’m looking for the involvement behind it. I want to see how they reached the accomplishments they’ve described on their resume.”

Tip #2: Don’t let your resume do all the speaking

Don’t overload your resume with the details of your previous experience. Leave the deep explanation up to your interview when you have a chance to expand and provide context. Part of selling is telling a story and the resume should act as a table of contents about you. Sales Manager, Brad Roper, says, “It sticks out to me when an applicant brings energy to the interview and is able to speak passionately about things that are important to them.”

Tip #3: Convey dedication

Many of our sales hires are recent graduates. Therefore, we don’t expect them to have multiple years of experience. Instead of experience, highlight longevity of involvement in social organizations, part-time jobs, or internships. Talent Acquisition Specialist, Laura Hulfeld, says, “I like when someone with no sales experience ties prior roles into what could make them successful in a sales role. It shows genuine interest in the position.” For Sales Manager Ryan Murphy, being coachable is the most important quality to possess. He says, “It’s vital for our hires to be able to take constructive criticism and apply their coaching in order to improve their skills.”

Tip #4: Proofread for efficiency and correctness

Proofreading your resume should be obvious. Unfortunately, some applicants skip the editing phase and it does nothing but show a lack of attention to detail. Sales Manager, Lauren Guinta, says, “Clean and to the point is is what I prefer when reading about their experience. It’s more important for me to understand what their experience was than to impress me with complex language.”

Tip #5: Find your individual voice

Don’t try to fit your experiences into a template or box. We value personality as much as anything else and displaying your true self helps us determine if you’d be a good fit for our culture. Sales Manager, Natalie Kunzle, says, “Something that stands out to me in a resume is a well thought-out personal mission statement that they can tie back to throughout the interview.”

Tip #6: Have questions ready for the next step

Finding the right job isn’t one sided; we aim to find a fit for both us and the candidate. In order to know if that’s the case, ask enough thought-provoking questions so that when you leave, you have a great understanding of what it’d be like working for Spring Venture Group.

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