Debunking Sales Myths: Adventures in Cold Calling

March 1, 2019  /  



ABC—Always. Be. Closing.

If you know classic sales techniques, you’ve likely heard this phrase before. Made famous in the 1992 play-turned-movie “Glengarry Glen Ross,” Alec Baldwin (as hot-shot sales motivator Glengarry) uses fear and intimidation to whip a group of tired real estate agents into shape. The agents blame the leads. Glengarry blames the agents.

Glengarry produces a neatly wrapped stack of new leads from his (likely very expensive) briefcase before immediately snatching them away. These leads are not for them. These are Glengarry leads. These leads … are for closers only.

At SVG, we’ve seen the play and the movie. And we know sales doesn’t have to be that way. Sales can be better than that. Sales should be better than that. We combine proprietary technology, smart marketing, and data science to flip the script on what people think when they hear the word sales—and turn it from a four-letter word into a true career people can feel passionate about.

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We also know consistently driving well-qualified leads is one of the first steps to growing a successful sales team. Here are a few ways we create great opportunities for our sales people every single day.

No cold-calling.

We use a combination of custom-built programs and existing technology to get our consumers and advisors on the same page. The technology we use helps us drill down to the smallest details to determine which consumers are the best fit for our products. Then we connect them with an advisor whose skills are best-suited to assist them. No digging around in a phonebook. No internet research. Pre-qualified leads are sent straight to our advisors so every conversation is set up for a win from the start.

This attention to detail means our sales teams spend their time assisting clients in making a decision—not convincing them they need something they don’t. Our technology ensures conversations connect us with people already searching for what we sell—so all we have to do is help them find which product fits their needs and budget.

Our consumers actually need our products.

Have you heard that the best marketing is no marketing at all? When you have a product people actually need or want—it tends to sell itself. Our clients actually need our products, so our sales teams act as advisors to our clients, and less like the pushy agents you might be used to. The primary goal of a sales team should be helping people make great decisions—not forcing them into a product they feel unsure about.

That’s not just great for the customer, but it’s great for business too. When customers feel heard and understood, and come away with a product they actually need and can use—that experience alone is just about all the marketing a business needs to do.

All efforts lead to sales.

Everything we do at SVG increases our sales team’s ability to sell—and that involves a lot of moving parts. In one way or another, every department in our organization is a sales team, because their efforts are focused on making the sales process better every day. We do a ton of work up front—before an advisor even picks up the phone—so we can almost guarantee every conversation they have with a prospect will end with a win.

What’s that look like? It starts with teams of data scientists, analysts, and expert marketers building systems that help us find and deliver high-quality leads, quickly and efficiently to our sales team. And these behind-the-scenes teams are always searching for new ways to get bigger, faster, and smarter at doing it.

All this data and research means every time an advisor picks up the phone, they have the information they need to find the right product for the consumer—and confidence that the person they’re working with has a problem they can solve. All they have to do is ask questions, listen to responses, and find the right product at the right price.

Bottom line

Do you want to be great at sales? Leave cold-calling in the past. Sales is the lifeblood of any organization—and it only makes sense to make the process a no-brainer on both sides of the conversation.

At SVG we put all our efforts into delivering top-quality leads to our advisors all day every day. Time spent convincing consumers who will never be interested in your product is time wasted. Focus your efforts on getting great leads to your salespeople, and success is sure to follow.

People become great sales people when they’re set up to win. Check out our current sales positions.

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