7 sales blogs you can’t afford to miss

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Your busy career as a sales professional is centered around one idea: meeting goals. But in between phone calls and home visits, finding time to better your skills is a necessary element in continued development and growth.

In 2017, it was estimated that there were more than 14.5 million sales professionals in the United States alone. With this level of competition, the question today isn’t if you can find time to read sales blogs, it’s can you afford not to.

With help from Chief Sales Officer Jeffery Anderson—a devoted follower of all things sales—we put together a list of blogs to follow and subscribe to in order to stay up-to-date with the world of sales. Check out SVG’s list of 7 Sales Blogs You Can’t Afford to Miss and bookmark these blogs for slow days in the office.

Top Sales World

With the tagline of “Inspiring the global sales community,” Top Sales World commissions expert contributors in a variety of sales disciplines to produce high-quality sales resources for the modern professional.
Topics covered: Sales Books, Sales Blogs, Management, Experts, and Awards

Keith Rosen

Keith Rosen is a Master Certified Coach and CEO of Profit Builders, which has been named one of the best sales training and coaching companies worldwide for the last four years. Rosen’s blog tackles a variety of topics, including his own personal experience, and is essential for managers looking to grow.
Topics covered: Goal Setting, Career Coaching, Personal Experience, and Personal Brand Building 


With a goal of connecting sales professionals to advancement opportunities, CloserIQ is a great resource for those looking to get ahead. CloserIQ shares in-depth hiring and talent strategies and sales motivation perfect for leaders and first-time sales reps.
Topics covered: Sales motivation, Startups, Performance Management, Selling Strategies

The Sales Blog

Published by bestselling author, international speaker, and sales leader Anthony Iannarino, The Sales Blog hosts daily insights into the world of sales. Easy to read and highly motivational, TSB has over 100,000 weekly subscribers.
Topics covered: Sales Motivation, Sales Tactics, Leveraging Technology, and Success Mindset

It is 100% your responsibility to grow and develop yourself, personally and professionally. —Anthony Iannarino

Sales Gravy

Sales Gravy offers free training resources for sales experts, authors, and trainers, in the form of articles, videos, and podcasts. In addition to is extensive database of resources, it offers professionals access to sales jobs across the nation.
Topics covered: Sales Principles, Sales Training, Sales Enablement Solutions, and Onboarding Development

For Entrepreneurs

Ranked No. 2 on Forbes List of 100 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs, For Entrepreneurs is a blog site run by David Skok. With more than 25 years of experience, Skok has founded four companies and worked with dozens more. He shares his strengths and weaknesses and his highs and lows in this blog.
Topics Covered: Entrepreneurship, Company Building, Software As A Service (SaaS), Sales and Marketing, and Marketing Attribution 

Having seen how important it is to get help and support in the early days of creating my own ventures, I am very passionate about helping entrepreneurs. —David Skok


When talking about great blogs, HubSpot is always near the top of the list. Though mostly centered around marketing, its feed has great sales content for professionals at every stage of the game. From someone just starting to an entrepreneur looking to learn CRM, HubSpot is a great resource to hone and grow new skills.
Topics Covered: CRM, Service, Marketing Tactics, Marketing Inspiration, and Sales Pitches

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