Philanthropy Recap: SVG Movie Night

October 14, 2015  /  



Our revamped philanthropic program encourages employees to recognize good, do good, and celebrate good. Two weeks ago, our employees gathered at Alamo Drafthouse to do just that. We invited two amazing local organizations that exemplify what good means to us.

The event, now in its second year, featured Emmy-winning Just Like You Films and The Acts of Good Journal. After introductions by leaders of each organization, we screened Just Like You Films’s short film about autism. Will Ferrell’s non-Emmy-winning movie, Old School, brought the evening to a close.

Acts of Good Journal

“This journal was created to inspire Acts of Good. A tangible book, released into the world to capture the stories of the lives touched along the way. Each journal starts as a blank canvas, passed from one person to the next through an Act of Good, uniquely documenting the path, impact and effect it has on the world before it is returned back to you as a completed manuscript of how you made the world a better place.”

To learn more or to get your own journal, check out

Just Like You Films

“Just Like You Films is a nonprofit organization that creates films and materials that educate our audiences about subjects including childhood cancer, burns, Down syndrome and autism. They capture real life stories that reveal how we are more alike than we are different. This helps facilitate the physical and emotional healing of exceptional children by creating an environment of acceptance.”

Head to the JLY website to learn more about spreading their vital mission.

We’d like to thank Jen Greenstreet of Just Like You Films and Adam Benton from Acts of Good for taking the time to join us for this event. We aspire to emulate the impact you make in the world and hope to work with you again in the near future.

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