Inside SVG: Paul Duong, Voice Analytics Specialist

December 17, 2018  /  


Paul Duong is the behind-the-scenes of SVG. He breaks things just to put them back together—all while making everyone’s job a little bit easier.

OK, so *what* do you do?

Basically, I analyze interactions in customer service calls in order to help drive business and find success. We search for patterns of what both our agents and clients are saying to figure out what sets good customer service calls apart from the great ones.

How does your role benefit SVG?

A big part of our focus is making the sales agents’ jobs better. We try to find trends of what works and what doesn’t, giving them the tools they need to be successful on each call. Our overall goal is to make the client happier and the job easier for sales agents.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

I love seeing how people interact on the phone and having the opportunity to learn and understand each agents’ personality. It’s also really fun to see the common theme of everyone truly wanting what’s best for the client—it is something that sets our company apart.

What else do you think sets SVG apart?

As a whole, I think the attention to detail. We try to figure out what works best for our company, rather than seeing industry trends and just going with that. We don’t follow anyone else’s lead; we’re not scared to face challenges and we like to be on the frontier of the market.

And what sets you apart?

I like to think outside of the box. A lot of people tend to think linearly, never really seeing outside of the potential; I’m always trying to create something different and look for better ways to do something. I’m notorious for breaking things because I try to force change. I push things to their limits and sometimes they might break—but it gives us the potential to put it back together in a better, more efficient way.

Lightning round:

Weirdest item on your desk: Shark Nerf ball

Best concert: John Mayer

Something you can’t live without: My dog, Bear

One food you could eat forever: Sushi or Thai

Best sushi restaurant: Sake Lounge, Olathe

Dream travel destination: Vietnam again

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