Our City: Brewery Emperial

June 8, 2017 /



“It’s Brewery Emperial because we put the beer first.”

Keith Thompson, Co-founder and Head Keg Washer.

We’re proud to present Brewery Emperial as our second “Our City” feature. Full of KC history, unique beer, and authentic food, bE has brewed an incredible experience the KC Crossroads community had been missing – until now.

According to Brewery Emperial:

Emperial: A combination of two words:
– Empirical: as in – that’s a fact, Jack!
– Imperial: meaning majestic; of a demanding quality; worthy of royalty (Go Royals!); domineering


– Emperial
[em-peer-ee-uhl] adj. it’s a fact, our food and beer is high quality, worthy of royalty and you will bE treated as such.

Check out Brewery Emperial online!
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