Inside SVG: Zach Winkler

March 8, 2016 /



For this edition of Inside SVG, we spoke with Director of Agency Operations and Nebraska Cornhusker super fan, Zach Winkler.

We often talk about our work atmosphere with great pride. Which part of this environment do you value the most?

Having seen this company from very near the beginning to where we are now, I’m always amazed by how good of a job we do in hiring people that align with our overarching mission. When you scale a company as quickly as we’ve done over the past handful of years, it’s vital to keep your core beliefs intact. When you have a group of great people all working hard for common goals, remarkable things can happen.

You’ve held a few different roles in your time at SVG and now head up some of our support departments for United Medicare Advisors. What is one thing that managing other people has taught you about yourself?

Communication is key. Sometimes people are hesitant to have conversations that may not be the easiest or most straightforward, but those often turn out to be the most important for growth and long-term success. I’ve also learned that humor has a place in any work environment. People can take themselves too seriously, and having a good sense of humor and an ability to frame things within the big picture is very important.

Do you have any morning routines that set you up for a successful day?

I’m a huge advocate of morning workouts. Since much of my day is spent reacting to and resolving issues, I love being able to control when that exercise happens. When you’ve already accomplished something in the morning, it really sets you up for a great day.

People often have particular quotes they revisit regularly for motivation or focus, do you have any that you live by?

“You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger


Best sports event you’ve attended It’s a tie between the 2011 Nebraska vs Ohio State (the home opener for Nebraska in the Big Ten), or the 2016 ALCS Royals vs. Blue Jays when the Royals won the American League Title.

Would you rather speak all languages are be able to talk to animals All languages

Favorite Real Housewives character Lisa Vanderpump!!!!

Favorite Band or Song I’ve been listening to a lot of Kygo recently

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