Inside SVG: Sara Spangler

August 17, 2016 /



For this month’s “Inside SVG”, we spent some time with Executive Assistant, cheese dip lover, and extremely safe driver, Sara Spangler.

What do you do here at SVG?

Some days I feel as if my unofficial role is “house mom”, but I love it! About 75% of my day is focused on keeping our executive team organized and prepared. The rest of my time is spent making sure SVG is running smoothly in a variety of ways and stocked up with two of our favorite beverages: coffee and beer.

What is the best part of your job?

I want everyone to feel like they’re being taken care of while working here. Regardless of who they are or what they do, I’m able to help. My satisfaction comes from making someone’s day better.

What is something you’re passionate about?

I have a really big heart for homeless people. If you are in a place in your life in which you’re financially able to help someone, I feel we all should.

What about SVG makes you proud to work here?

The culture. Everyone is positive, kind, and truly happy to be here. I can’t imagine not being here now that I am here.

SVG has three core values, what would you say yours are?

I was at a job interview, and the person asked, “If you could define yourself and live by two characteristics for the rest of your life, what would they be?” and I said, “Authentic and kind.” Ever since that day I’ve always strived to live those characteristics out every day.

If you were running for Mayor of KC, what would your campaign slogan be?

“Safe Driving with Spangs.” I’m a happy, safe driver and I just want everyone else on the road to stop being aggressive, selfish, and unsafe! Let’s all treat life like a good car jam.


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