Inside SVG: Matt Lowe
Corporate Communications Manager

November 26, 2018 /


This month we met with Matt Lowe to discuss his experience helping health and finance brands tell their stories.

What do you do here?

Essentially, I make sure every story we tell reflects all the awesome stuff we’re doing at SVG. I connect all the dots from every department to help deliver information in a meaningful way. That usually means writing press releases, communicating with our partners, thinking about our advertising, and more. I’m a bit of a liaison between SVG and the world outside of it and I try to make sure everything we say about ourselves is true and consistent with who we are.

What brought you to SVG?

Immediately before SVG, I was doing PR strategy at Crossroads—it’s a partner PR/communications agency with Barkley. I was primarily focused on helping health and finance brands tell their story, so that was a pretty direct relation to what we do here at SVG. I knew a few people on the marketing team here and the more I looked into what SVG was doing the more excited I was about the opportunity and it was just a pretty clear fit for me.

Why PR?

I’ve always just been kind of a storyteller, I think. I have a journalism degree and have always been fascinated by the media and interested in creating narratives in any capacity.

I grew up in Chicago, and some of my friends were taking some advanced comedy classes at Second City. They asked me to help out with one of their shows and I actually got to help write, direct, and even act in the whole thing. It was exciting but also absolutely terrifying.

While I was living there I worked at ABC for a while—they own a few other companies including ESPN and Radio Disney. I somehow found my way into being a Radio Disney DJ for a while…

Like I said…storytelling in any capacity.

Radio Disney, huh?

Yeah. I wasn’t working for Radio Disney at the time, but I had made friends with one of the DJs. She was walking past my office one day and I happened to have a totally fictional, photoshopped picture of me DJ-ing. She walked by and saw it and said “I had no idea you knew how to DJ. We’re looking for one. Do you want to do it?” And I just said yes. And the rest is history.

Lightning round

Question: First concert ever? Answer: Catherine Wheel at the Metro when I was in grade school. My friend won tickets on the radio. We took the train and had a blast.
Question: Favorite holiday? Answer: Thanksgiving.
Question: Invisibility or super strength. Pick one. Answer: Invisibility 100%.
Question: Cake or pie? Answer: Pie.

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