Inside SVG: Kate Bartram, Email Marketing Manager

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Inside SVG – Kate Bartram, Email Marketing Manager

It takes a village to do what we do here at SVG. Our marketing department sits at the intersection of data, technology, and communication to help tell our story to every audience. We talked to our email marketing manager, Kate Bartram, to learn what makes her job at SVG worthwhile.

What brought you to SVG?

Snapchat, actually. Maile (Widman, Project Coordinator) posted a photo of a really cool drink tumbler she designed for the company, so I sent her a message asking if they were hiring. Turns out they were—and I was actually qualified. I applied and they hired me! That was a little over a year ago.

What were you doing before you got here?

Two jobs ago I was doing email marketing stuff, and then I took another job doing something totally different for a while. I knew I wanted to get back into email marketing so it was total serendipity that SVG was looking to hire someone to do exactly that.

Why email marketing?

I get to do a lot of cool stuff like develop strategy, run and analyze reports, write code, look at data, and run tests to see what performs better. I love that my role is a bunch of different tasks rolled into one. I get to think about communication and what can serve our different audiences best. It’s like putting together a big puzzle.

I do a lot with the sales process, too. Right now, I work with affiliates to help find and generate new leads. We help agents develop emails they can send to their leads to get more information from them, let them know their policy information, tell them about next steps they should take, or let them know what other services we can provide based on their specific needs. There’s a lot of science behind that stuff and it’s fun to dig in.

We’re also really careful about only sending emails to leads we know will benefit from the information. Even then, we try to be really limited in the number of messages we send so they know when we do send something, it’s going to be important. We like to be really intentional—not spammy. And I think that’s an important distinction.

Why do you stick around at SVG?

I’m the first and only person around here who does email so I feel really proud of everything our team creates. I feel super involved in everything from strategy to execution—and the outcomes are a direct result of the work I get to do. I love seeing the reports, learning what works, learning what doesn’t, and figuring out how to make it better next time.

Since no one before me has had this role here, I’ve been able to really make the role what it needs to be. I get to learn all the time and spend time doing things versus undoing things that have always been done that way. I’m really encouraged to keep learning and spend time at my desk keeping up with the industry and email marketing space so we can keep getting better. It feels great to know I get to influence so much of what happens here.

What’s your favorite place in KC?

Loose Park? Does everyone say that? I love walking my dog there. Besides that, you can’t go wrong with The Plaza. It has everything—shopping, good food, good drinks, and it’s nice to look at.

What’s on your bucket list?

Swimming with dolphins. I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was little—but once I figured out you had to do science I kind of lost interest. I still want to do the swimming with dolphins part, though, so hopefully I can check it off my list soon!

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