Inside SVG: Josh Kelsey

October 28, 2014 /


This month we spoke with Josh Kelsey, user of Google, K-State fan, and reluctant office handy man.

Before SVG, where were you?

I was building and remodeling houses. It’s something I started in Manhattan and I had my hands on all sorts of projects. I’ve done tiling, plumbing, and even rewired an entire house here in Kansas City.

And then you were in the Centriq training program to be in IT Administration?

That’s right. When I interviewed I really liked the atmosphere here and knew that it was somewhere I’d enjoy working. Even though it would require me to drive a little bit farther than some other places I was interviewing, I knew that if I got the job it’d be the best fit for me.

You’ve been heavily involved with updating and improving the security of our systems.

We’ve really been pushing for the most HIPAA compliant system possible. With Windows-based systems there are some default settings that just aren’t quite up to par with HIPAA’s standards. It has really been a matter of tweaking existing systems to make them stronger and safer.

Speaking of HIPAA compliance, how do you deal with projects that you may not have much experience with at the outset?

Google. Honestly, you get on Google and figure it out. In school they taught us how to maximize the return in our search results which has really helped with certain projects. Sometimes I know how to get most of it done and then find the final missing piece online somewhere.

What’s your opinion of the relationship between sales teams and the IT team here at SVG?

It’s definitely gotten better as time has gone on. When I first started it seemed that a lot of the agents would see a problem and be a bit reluctant to bring it to our attention. Obviously we can’t fix it if we don’t know something is wrong, so it has been great to see those communication lines open up.

You’ve had your hands on some projects here that don’t involve IT at all. How do you feel about that and your reputation as a sort of SVG handy man?

I think I opened myself up to that as soon as I told Jeffery during my interview that I had a background remodeling houses. I’m okay with it though because it can help break up the day and to take my eyes away from the computer screen for a little while. Hanging Halloween decorations in the office, though, is a different story. (Editor’s note: See Josh in action in the picture above)

Lightning Round

Job Title: Network Administrator
Where are you most likely to eat lunch tomorrow?: Freebird’s
Favorite TV Show: Family Guy
Will K-State go to the NCAA Football playoff this year?: No. They’re going to lose at least one of their remaining away games. But if they win all of those they should absolutely be in the playoff.
Favorite beer: It’s constantly changing, but right now I’ll say Ommegang Hennepin.

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