Inside SVG: Gracie Leek

September 29, 2014 /


This month we spoke with Gracie Leek, KU grad, licensed insurance agent, and SVG Social chairperson.

You were a Political Science major at KU, right?

I initially started out wanting to go to law school. I took the LSAT and then realized that it just wasn’t a good long-term option for me, so I switched to Political Science. At that point, I hadn’t considered sales as post-graduation option.

So, you had a friend working at SVG and she encouraged you to apply?

Right, my friend Regan was interning here. She always raved about how much fun it was and that she thought I’d really enjoy it. At that point I had a job on campus doing marketing and a little bit of sales. The challenge and pressure of that job, even though it was just part-time, got me excited about working in sales and completely changed how I felt about it as a career.

It’s now been over two years since you joined the crew here at SVG. What has being in sales taught you about yourself?

I remember when I first started, I was so intimidated and didn’t think I’d be good. What I’ve seen though, is that I get a lot of joy out of helping people. We save people money and help people out, and I feel like I’m selling something I believe in. It is rewarding to learn about their situation and then to be able to help is just that much better.

How do you think the sales process differs for male and female agents?

This obviously doesn’t hold true for every single person, but when listening to calls from both male and female agents, you can typically tell the difference in how the call progresses. Oftentimes women will identify an emotional cue and base a conversation around that, whereas male agents typically roll with a more calculated conversation based around sales cues and won’t expand on the personal side as much.

Just today I bonded with someone over the fact that we were both one of four siblings. She was feeling a bit overwhelmed as they all were growing older and I could tell that the information I provided was putting her at ease at least a little bit.

I think as long as you are present in the conversation, let the client voice their concerns, and then address those concerns with a solution, you are doing your job.

Switching gears, you’ve taken a leadership role within in SVG Social.

Yeah! When I first started, a large appeal of working here was the culture aspect. Planning and orchestrating events with SVG Social is my way of contributing to that tradition. We have big things planned for the remainder of the year and are starting to ramp up our efforts to keep this culture going into next year and beyond. It will be exciting to see what we can do as our employee number grows even higher.

Lightning Round

Favorite TV show
Scandal. I’m obsessed.

What are you most likely to eat for lunch tomorrow
Pad Se Eu with chicken from Lulu’s

Best KC Brunch
Beer Kitchen

Backstreet Boys or N’Sync or LFO
N’Sync forever. I’m still not over their concert at Arrowhead Stadium when I was in sixth grade.

Pumpkin Spice Latte or no?
Absolutely not.

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