Inside SVG: Elizabeth Reazin, Sales

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Inside SVG: Elizabeth Reazin, Sales

We love sales. But SVG isn’t your typical sales job. Find out from inside sales agent, Elizabeth Reazin, what makes her job awesome.

What were you doing before you joined SVG?

I applied while I was still in college at the University of Kansas and started training about a month after I graduated.

You could’ve applied anywhere. Why SVG?

Well, I knew graduation was coming up, and I was like, “Holy cow this is real. I have to get a job!” I knew I wanted to do sales, so when I was looking for jobs SVG kept showing up. I could tell from the listings they had a good training program and the culture seemed right, so I applied.

At school people would ask me where I was applying or if I had a job lined up, and when I mentioned SVG every person who knew about it told me how great they’d heard it was to work here. It made me really excited to get started. Plus, they promised really great compensation—which turned out to be totally true. I never thought I’d have an opportunity to earn as much as I do here straight out of school.

Now that you’ve been here, what makes it awesome?

The training program here is outstanding. I came in with zero sales experience, and zero knowledge of the industry, and my first day on the phone I felt totally confident and ready to roll. I’m by far not the most tech-savvy person at all, so I was more worried about being able to use my computer than helping people over the phone.

The people here are incredible, too. My job would be 100% different if it weren’t for the people here. Everyone truly cares about my success, and vice versa. I don’t think I’d be able to do it without them. From my sales coach to my team members to the leadership here, it hardly feels like I’m coming to work. I just feel like I’m hanging out with my friends and getting paid to do it.

Sales jobs get a bad reputation for feeling icky or pushy, but I never feel that way about this job. I know I’m legitimately helping every person I talk to on the phone. I helped one client save about $400 a month on her policy, and she told me she could finally visit her grandchildren in Texas. That was a huge moment for me, and really made me realize the difference I can make in someone’s life here.

What do you do when you’re not here?

I was really into running marathons in college and I think that discipline I learned from running has translated really well to my job here. When calls get tough I know I just have to take it in stride and keep going.

And anyone who knows me knows spending time with my family is my world, and I don’t have to sacrifice that to work here at all. The balance is really great.

What progress have you made since you’ve been here?

I really had to hit the ground running when I started, since our busiest time of the year was only a few months after my first call. I’ve become really confident in my job—partly due to my sales coach and managers giving me tons of encouragement and advice. I became a sales coach myself just a few months ago because I wanted to help new agents feel confident and empowered, just like my coaches made me feel when I was new.

What’s the best thing you’ve learned since you started?

Pressure to hit your quota and be an expert in your service or product can be really scary—especially at first. This job can be really tough and takes a lot of resilience. I’ve learned how to stay positive and take every call with a fresh mind. My confidence has grown a ton since my first day. I love knowing I’m helping people and treat every call like I’m helping my own grandparents.

Every agent has their own style when it comes to helping clients, and I’ve found what works best for me. I try to make each call a really personal experience and it’s really made a difference. My calls are longer than most people on my team, but I have a really high success rate.

I like to get to know my clients as people, and that makes them really trust me to help them. I might spend 10 minutes learning about their dog or where they go on vacation. I get a lot of referrals with that strategy and knowing so much about a person makes my job way easier. I know I can give them exactly what they need and they trust me to help them. I have clients thank me all the time for being the only person who’s ever taken the time to actually teach them about the industry, and I know I’m the best person to do it.

Any words of advice?

Just like running a marathon, you can’t control the weather, or the traffic, or the other people running. But you can control how much you prepare and stay focused on your goals. The same is true for your career. As long as you put effort into doing your absolute best and stay focused on your goals, you can succeed.

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