How to Nail an Interview at Spring Venture Group

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How to nail an interview at Spring Venture Group

Getting an interview is an incredible feeling. Your first reaction is probably joy and excitement—but may feel more like fear or anxiety the closer it gets. The good news is, we’ve got the inside scoop on exactly what our recruiters at SVG are looking for in a stellar candidate. From your first phone interview to the in-person meeting, we asked Director of Recruitment Paige Akins and VP of Senior Market Quotes Matt Rau what makes the right candidate really stand out.

First impressions

Akins: In the initial phone interview, a candidate who is genuinely interested in understanding the job they’re applying for and how it will affect them day-to-day is always impressive to me. It lets me know they care about how this opportunity aligns with what they want to accomplish career-wise and whether or not it will give them the right experience to achieve their goals. It shows me they have drive and want to succeed, and we love that here.

Rau: Sometimes one of the first questions I ask a candidate is, “If I offered you the job right now, would you take it?” Most people say yes, but can’t really back it up. To me, that shows they haven’t really done much thinking or research about the job or SVG as a company. My advice is to do your homework before the interview and show me you understand why you applied, why you want to work at SVG, and what makes you the right person for the job here.

Be prepared

Rau: In an in-person interview, fundamentals cannot be underestimated. Always bring a resume. Always write down questions ahead of time and bring them with you. It’s amazing how many people don’t ask questions in an interview. To me, that’s a sign they’re not really engaged in our conversation or haven’t done much thinking ahead of time.

Be yourself

Rau: Sometimes it’s hard for candidates to know whether playing it super safe or showing your personality is the right way to go. But to me, being unique is a good thing. People really shine when they’re comfortable being themselves. It shows confidence and authenticity, and both of those things are really important to succeed at SVG.

Akins: We have three company values at SVG: accountability, authenticity, and innovation. These make up the driving philosophy behind everything we do here. Candidates can speak about their own values and show the work they’ve done to develop them is really important to me during an interview. It shows me they’ve thought about what they want out of life and know how to make decisions.

Bottom line

Interviews don’t have to be stressful. With the right preparation, you can show recruiters exactly why you’re perfect for the role—and recruiters love candidates who make their job easy. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Know the job, know the company, know yourself
  • Bring your resume and some thoughtful questions
  • Relax and be yourself

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