How SVG Maintains Culture Through Rapid Growth

June 1, 2017  /  



In July, approximately 40 new sales agents will join our organization by way of the AEP Sales Team. This sales class will be the latest in a stretch of rapid growth for SVG at large. It is not uncommon, however, for quickly growing companies to sacrifice some aspects of their business to accommodate an uptick in employee count. All too often this comes in the form of a weakened culture or sense of mission.

We are not one of those companies.

Culture, an often overused term in the corporate world, is simply a company’s personality. Kendal Stark, Employee Engagement Leader, says, “Our culture results from the combined characteristics and experiences of our employees. We accept that a strong culture grows organically and understand that you must protect the core of the culture each time you hire a new person.”

For our recruiting team, this means identifying what drives someone to work hard and ensuring their goals and purpose aligns with our three core values. Every person who walks through our doors affects our culture and we know that keeping people aligned with our mission as a company starts on day one.

Our values and mission statement permeate everything we do. Whether a speech by a manager to a group of new hires, a new external partnership, or a one-on-one coaching session identifying individual strengths and weaknesses – the mission is involved.

Maintaining culture through growth is a matter of trusting employees to align with these concepts in their day-to-day decisions. It requires buy-in from all levels of the organization and a spoken emphasis on creating a great company.

To learn about current opportunities with our teams, visit our careers page. We have some great opportunities.

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