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Being great at sales is tough. At SVG, we do a ton of work to set our team up for success before they even begin a conversation, but it still takes plenty of pure sales strategy to find our clients a solution they can’t refuse. Here are three things to remember when your approach needs a boost.

Start fresh

Sales professionals have pretty thick skin—but it’s easy to get discouraged when it feels like you’re only hearing no. Approaching every day with a fresh mind is essential to avoid getting bogged down in the negative. You know your skills are solid, and today is a new opportunity to help someone make a decision and save money. Remembering your big wins from time to time can help boost your morale and shift your mindset from the negative to the positive. And making it a habit can help you keep going even when it feels like you’ve hit every roadblock in the book. It’s too easy to focus strictly on the negative, especially if you’ve had a string of tough interactions—reflecting on all the wins you’ve had is a great way to get back on track.

Learn + grow

Meetings aren’t just for sitting. Make an effort to find one new idea you can add to your everyday approach. Small, incremental changes are what make real, sustainable improvements happen. That’s the best way to grow in your role and increase your knowledge of the industry as a whole.

At SVG, our sales teams have regular meetings with their managers and coaches to review goals and share tips and strategies. Being in the healthcare space also means there’s a huge learning curve for most of our agents when they’re just getting started. Absorbing that much information all at once usually leads to frustration and confusion, which can hinder growth long-term. These regular meetings are great ways to gradually increase knowledge and skills, and reduce the likelihood of being overwhelmed.

Goals > hours

It’s easy to think of your work day in terms of hours, but most sales roles involve obtaining measurable goals and quotas every month. Considering your day in terms of your goals instead of hours is an awesome way to stay motivated and maximize your time. If you know you need to hit x sales every day to reach your goal, and you’re ahead on your quota for the month. That might mean you can optimize your work hours depending on what you want to accomplish—organizing something you’ve been putting off, learning new skills, or more sales.

A simple shift in perspective can keep your goals at the front of your mind, and help you spend your time on exactly what matters most. It can also give you a way to measure your progress and efficiency—especially if you want to test new strategies or approaches. You’ll know exactly how much you’re ahead or behind, and can adjust your actions accordingly.

If you’re interested in sales, SVG is an awesome place to grow your skills. We’re experts in optimizing the sales process and are growing by leaps and bounds.

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