How Our Employee Mary Works 168 Hours Per Week

March 19, 2015 /


Our agents work tirelessly to speak with and assist hundreds of people every single day. But what happens to those potential clients that go several days after inquiring without being contacted? Prior to our relationship with Conversica, many would simply hit the floor to be called much farther down the line, when they were less likely to need our help.

The integration of Conversica’s capabilities into our systems earlier this year meant that we now had a voice that could work 24/7 to help qualify new clients. Her name is “Mary”.

“Mary”, a virtual persona, speaks with uncontacted clients after a predetermined amount of time in an “automated, two-way, email-based communication” to decide whether or not we can be of any assistance. While at first skeptical of the artificial intelligence used in this process, we quickly discovered that some people were simply more responsive to an email than a phone call.

When “Mary” recognizes intent to learn more about our products, she emails one of our agents who contacts the individual as soon as possible. After eight months of use, policies written with Mary’s assistance have a 30% lower cost-per-acquisition than our overall benchmark.

2015 will see “Mary” involved in various aspects of our model including customer retention and overall brand awareness. For more on Conversica and the case study completed with SVG, visit: Conversica.

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