How is data changing sales?

March 12, 2018  /  


Sales, data, technology, and analysis are what make SVG tick. We started our company thinking about how all four can be combined and leveraged to do business better. And it turned out that insurance distribution has been the opportunity in the market to apply the strategy we built. We know data helps us optimize every aspect of our business, but it’s fundamentally changed the entire sales landscape. Here are three ways how.

Streamlined processes

Data makes building processes a little less painful by helping us quickly learn what works and what doesn’t. Building a strong sales method used to feel like a free-for-all, with plenty of guessing about the best way to approach your customers. Now we can measure and test any number of methods and boil them down to a tried and true strategy that works.

At SVG, our sales team is backed by a whole squad of data scientists and operations experts who make sure every part of the funnel is working at full strength. We do as much work as we can before our advisors even begin a conversation so they’re that much more likely to help their clients find the right solution in less time. That’s great news for our sales team, of course, but revenue growth benefits the entire business, too.

Quality opportunities

Talking to the right audience is absolutely essential when it comes to doing business. No one on either side of the sale likes to waste time on irrelevant information. At SVG, we’ve built a system that helps our advisors connect with clients they can help the most, and that happens in a few different ways.

We search and analyze huge portions of data to find the best possible opportunities for our advisors. That helps us better understand our clients’ needs before we even begin a conversation. We can spend less time asking questions and more time finding solutions—a win-win for everyone.

On top of that, our advisors are licensed by state—which means they understand the nuances of their specific state’s policies and regulations, and only talk to clients they can actually serve. Not only does that help our advisors do their jobs better, but it helps our clients get the best possible service and solution, too.

Organizational alignment

Business takes a lot of moving parts. Understanding how each department supports and enhances each other is absolutely critical for successful operation and growth—especially when it comes to sales and marketing. Knowing what happens between first contact and a submitted policy is what helps organizations create better sales opportunities, and data allows us to do that.

At SVG, we have a whole system of analyses that help us understand exactly what impact our marketing efforts have on our audience. Data tells us how to prioritize our efforts and where our best opportunities for improvements in the sales process lie. That means we can tweak our actions across multiple departments if we need to, since data gives us a better picture of how everything works together. And as business becomes even more complex, that kind of visibility becomes even more important.

And this is just the beginning of what data is doing for the sales process. SVG is passionate about understanding how data, technology, analysis, and sales work together to create powerful business opportunities. If you’re passionate about sales, SVG is the best place to apply it.

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