Doing good: 3 reasons philanthropy is great for business

July 2, 2018  /  



It’s been said many times and many ways: the key to happiness is helping others. Giving back is a great way to share your success with others, and plenty of companies who have known success do it. There are great reasons to adopt a philanthropy initiative, both inside and outside your organization. Here’s why SVG does it and why your company should do it, too.

SVG started with a very small team who all sat in the same room together trying to make business happen. They had a lot of things in common and wanting to give back was one of them. Much of our leadership at SVG are involved in philanthropic initiatives in their own lives—whether that’s serving on boards, giving time and resources, or becoming a representative for the organization. Integrating philanthropic efforts into our mission and business model was a no-brainer.

Because we’ve multiplied our employee count many times since we started, we’ve had to change what some of that looks like. Even still, the philanthropy aspect has made a big impact on who we are and how we grow.

Here’s why we keep doing it:

Connects our employees

One of our biggest priorities is making SVG a great place to work. We do that by establishing a strong mission statement and set of values. Our volunteer events throughout the year are a great way to see those things realized and help remind our employees that our impact goes beyond our office walls. We don’t just talk the talk, but we walk the walk, too.

Our philanthropy efforts usually include a range of different ways to give—donation drives, contribution matching, and events are just a few. Every opportunity helps us drive a deeper connection to our organization, each other, and to our community at large. Events help us get to know our co-workers in a new and impactful way. Donation drives bring us together as a team. And when SVG promises to match contributions our employees are making to organizations they believe in, we get to learn a little bit more about each other.

Kendal Stark leads our employee engagement efforts, and says, “Giving back is so deeply rooted into who we are. Providing these opportunities is a great way to set the tone for who we are, why we’re here, and that we’re part of something really big at SVG.”

Helps us hire

Corporate consciousness is increasingly important, especially to those who are fresh out of school and entering the workforce for the first time. The younger generations are making a big impact on what workers should expect from their employers—and ethical business practices are a huge priority. And the truth is, if your company doesn’t show you care about the impact you have beyond your business, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to hire great people.

And, a team of people who care makes for a better place to work. At SVG, hiring for cultural fit is really important—if your values don’t align with ours, it doesn’t make sense. Our employees tell us time and time again that the people here truly make a difference in their overall job satisfaction and motivation to come here every day to do their best. We hire people who have a great team attitude and care about leaving a place better than where they found it. With those standards in mind, we’ve built an awesome team full of great people who do great work.

Supports the community that supports us

We love Kansas City. We know how much our community has contributed to the success of our business—whether that means providing us with a stellar team or a beautiful view from our downtown office. Giving back in ways that help it thrive not only shows your commitment to the community that supports you—but gives that community more resources to keep doing it. Not only that, but it’s a great way for organizations to come together for good, get some exposure, and combine resources to make a real impact. It’s a win-win for all of us.

Bottom line

There is some debate over whether ethical business practices make as much business sense as they do environmental sense. For us, the answer is yes. It helps inform and strengthen our company culture, hire great people who love what they do and why they do it, and improves the Kansas City community where we all live and work. We can’t do business without the people and place to make it happen, and our efforts to give back in more ways and more places will stay a priority as long as we stay here.

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