Four Lessons From 208,805 Newsletters and 7,622 Facebook Followers

November 23, 2015 /



At the beginning of each month, we send out Monthly Medicare Updates to thousands of people across the country. While the majority of these people are our clients, there is a growing number who’ve signed up via our blog or elsewhere to receive the information.

The typical format of these emails is a recap of all the content we published in the past month. Blog posts, new explainer videos, podcast episodes, and Medicare news all find a place in the newsletter. So, what have we learned since this program began about a year ago? Additionally, what have we learned from engaging with our active and growing Facebook community of 7,622?

Our clients want to hear from us.

The average open rate for our newsletters hovers around 40% for both clients and non-clients alike. This is a figure that eclipses any published industry averages. On Facebook, our clients engage with posts by sharing, liking, and clicking. Over the past month, our website received about 27,000 visits from Facebook links.

Some people don’t want to hear from us, and that’s okay.

While we’re always here to provide news and advice, we never feel the need to shove our message in people’s faces. In our monthly emails, we encourage people to unsubscribe if they feel that the content is not valuable to them.

People care about what the government is doing.

Posts on social media, in our blog, and on our newsletter that mention new legislation or upcoming congressional activity drive heavy engagement. We avoid speculation at all costs, but appreciate the opportunity to comment on the activities that will affect the Medicare system from the top down.

Good Medicare advice is hard to come by.

Almost every testimonial we receive starts with the person lost and overwhelmed before discovering UMA. We’re establishing our voice as an unbiased and competent leader in Medicare information. This reason is exactly why our quarterly newsletter became a monthly newsletter, and why we post to Facebook at least once a week.

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