Five Powerful Content Tools We Use Daily

September 6, 2016 /



Any company aiming to publish consistently high-quality content on a regular basis should consider using the following set of tools. Some of these are free and others are far from it, but all are well-designed and effective. Our content team knows that the tool is only as good as the operator, which is why we are always honing our skills with each platform.

Getty Images iStock

Whether you are generating a hero image for a blog post or finding a picture of a happy couple on a beach for your consumer-facing landing page, iStock is the place to go. iStock offers a variety of subscription packages that allow you to download a substantial number of images each month. We are particularly fond of this site’s illustration catalog, which includes predominately flat, modern interpretations of a seemingly-endless amount of topics.

Be sure to check out the music and sound website also owned and operated by Getty Images:



HotJar’s heatmap function provides valuable insight into user flow and site engagement.

HotJar exists within the crowded world of companies offering on-page analytics and feedback services. Installation of HotJar is just a matter of placing a simple script at the domain level. We find this tool to be especially helpful when testing new landing page designs or organic site layouts.

HotJar allows you to run heat map testing, form analysis, and a variety of other audience insight tests. The tool is not dependent upon desktop users for sessions and does a great job of segmenting clicks and scrolls amongst all device types.


This tool is an elegant solution for many of the most basic site widgets a company could ever want. We currently run GetSiteControl’s site chat and opt-in forms on some of our websites with great success. Every widget has its own reporting with basic insights into form completion rates and chat frequency. You keep talking about widgets here, but this doesn’t really describe what this service provides.

YouTube Audio Library

Launched in September of 2013, this free library of stock music run by video giant YouTube is a great starting place for anyone running a video content program. While the archives do require a bit of digging to find the perfect track, the options are categorized properly and have enough tagging to be quickly searchable.


Canva’s design portal is about as intuitive as it gets. Through the well-organized categories on the left the designer can find all sorts of basic design elements.

Canva’s design portal is about as intuitive as it gets. Through the well-organized categories on the left the designer can find all sorts of basic design elements.

This highly-touted (and free) design platform can be a major asset for designers of all skill levels. The platform has a large number of pre-loaded design ideas, icons, lines, and shapes for creating just about any type of layout.

While it is certainly nowhere near as powerful as a combination of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign (which we use every day), Canva’s team has made great strides over the past year to identify and eliminate pain points for more advanced users. Most recently, Canva introduced the ability to export designs with a transparent background.

Regardless of how many people will see your finished product, it needs to be as strong as possible. With the tools listed above, that task is made much simpler. If you have any specific questions about how we leverage these and any other tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud, feel free to contact us.

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