Debunking Sales Myths: Extroverts Only

March 18, 2019  /  



Pushy. Aggressive. Loud. Fast-talking.

These salesperson stereotypes are something you’ve likely encountered before. But just because it’s a stereotype—doesn’t make it a rule. Whether these traits describe you exactly, or you’re the polar opposite, we can help you become a great sales person. It all starts with our recruiting team finding great people, regardless of personality and background.

“I love recruiting inside sales advisors because it gives everyone the opportunity to succeed at a very high level. Nothing will limit a person besides how much they want it. It’s awesome to see a new training class come in full of people with all different backgrounds–sales, social work, education, insurance or just out of college–and see them grow into their own success.

Sales is about drawing from life experience, both personally and professionally. Everyone finds ways to use their experiences to win in the role. That’s the best opportunity an organization can bring to people–a fair shot to succeed at a high level by providing the training and tools needed to maximize your experience and achieve what you set out to do.”

Kelsey Price, Spring Venture Group Recruiter

So, what does it take to be great at sales? Chances are, you’ve already got it. We hire people from every kind of background to join our team—and we’ve found it only takes a few things to be a great salesperson.

Emotional intelligence

We use a consultative approach with our clients that helps us learn about their pain points and find a way to alleviate them. That means asking great questions, listening, and using critical thinking to get to the solution that fits their specific needs. It also means being sensitive to their problems and helping them feel supported and understood. That’s a far cry from the pushy, fast-talking sales person we’re used to having to avoid.

No matter your line of business, learning the most you can about your customer will absolutely set you apart. It’s the best way to understand their needs and how your business can serve them better. The same should apply to your sales approach. If you’re not listening, your customers will know it. Prospects who feel heard and understood—and in control of the end decision—are far more likely to become a customer. That’s our approach to business—and our approach to sales.

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Self-awareness & coachability

When you understand who you are and what you can bring to the sales floor every day, you learn how to use your own strengths and skills to make better connections with your prospects. Potentially even more important, though, is understanding your limitations to identify where you can improve and further hone your craft.

When you’re self-aware, you’re actively evaluating your own strengths and weaknesses. You know what you need to improve and take it upon yourself to do what it takes to get the right tools in your hands and make it happen.

Self-aware people aren’t complacent. They’re always looking for ways to improve and get better. Sales can be a tough occupation, even with all the support in the world. You have to understand how to bounce back from a difficult day and ask yourself what changes you can make to increase your wins. All of that takes a lot of honest reflection about who you are and what you bring to your role.

SVG places a heavy emphasis on developing our sales training program. The best sales people we have are those who put aside what they think they know about sales and learn the process we’ve laid out for them—that’s being coachable. If you think you know what it takes to be great at sales based on an outward idea of what sales is—and refuse to accept any other ideas—there’s no way you’ll improve. Being coachable can open levels of performance you never even thought were possible.

Ambition and drive

No one said sales was easy. SVG puts a lot of effort into setting our sales teams up for success as soon as they hit the floor—but there is still plenty of opportunity for frustration. Knowing what you need in order to bounce back during a tough time is critical to maintaining a steady stream of wins—but having clear ambition and goals in mind is just as important.

Without a solid understanding of what you want to achieve in your career, it’s hard to stay motivated when you get knocked down. For a lot of people, the focus might be financial goals. And for others, it could be outperforming your teammates or improving your own output day after day. It could be a combination of all three. Whatever it is, having clear goals set every time you pick up the phone will push you through the tough times and help you start every day with a fresh mind.

Bottom line

Put your pre-conceived ideas of what it takes to be great at sales behind you. At SVG, we believe anyone has what it takes to make sales a life-changing career full of opportunity and growth. Why? Because we see it happening on our teams every single day.

We hire people from diverse backgrounds, apply our proven training and coaching techniques, and offer them the support and guidance they need to reach every goal they set. So, what does it take to be great at sales? Whatever you’ve already got!

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