Building the complete sales expert: Ongoing support

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This is part two of a three-part series on how SVG creates the complete sales expert. To read part one, please click here.

At Spring Venture Group, we promote a culture of support—one designed to help our agents continue to grow and achieve once they’re out of training. Each agent is assigned a sales coach and manager who strive to continually make agents more valuable than the day they started.

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Sales Manager Sarah Schulze used this analogy to explain her role:

As a manager, you have 20 different people who just happen to have the same job function. If you’re making a four-course meal, you have multiple pots going at one time, but each one does a different job. One pot needs to be sautéed, another simmer, and one on boil. If you don’t treat every single one as it needs to be treated, you will burn the meal.

You have to really build that same connection and understanding directly with each individual on your sales team to know what they need from you. Then, you have to be active in helping them find their success.

“Sales coaches are responsible for keeping agents motivated and challenged every single day,” Schulze said. “What I think it comes down to is developing a connection with their people, understanding their professional and personal goals, and then holding them accountable for their growth.”

Here’s how our culture of support plays out between agents and their mentors.

Developing a one-on-one connection

Not every employee has the same goals; some might want to become coaches, others want to double their quota. In order to best set each employee up for success, our managers and coaches focus on getting to know each person on an individual level.

To do this, coaches or managers have weekly one-on-one meetings with their agents to discuss their progress and goals. They help their team members create a unique, actionable career plan designed specifically for them and what they want out of SVG.


One of our three core values is accountability (along with authenticity and innovation). At SVG, accountability means doing your part and doing it the right way. While our managers and coaches are willing and ready to help, they still hold their team accountable for their success.

“In sales jobs, the most profitable agents are the ones who are backed by a great support team—we make it our mission to provide that here,” Schulze said. “We give agents all the resources they need to be successful … all they have to bring is the effort.”

We have an abundance of people available to agents for support; success will come as long as they’re willing to put in the work.

Hands-on support/guidance

We understand the learning curve that comes with sales. Some people come in and are successful on day one; others take months to get in the groove. We work with both types of people to develop a strategy and work alongside them to make sure their goals are met, including in-the-moment support and feedback, plus continuing education opportunities.

“Everything we do comes down to one idea: People at SVG care,” Schulze said. “You have numerous people at all times that you can turn to for help—anyone will drop what they are doing to see you succeed, even if that means they have to stay later or work harder. We have a deep team mentality that permeates everything we do and how we all interact with each other.”


No matter where they’re at in their sales career, sales agents can always benefit from more guidance and support—that’s why throughout their career at Spring Venture Group, there’s always someone willing to lend a helping hand.

To work for a place that supports you along the way, apply today.

Some people might say we care too much. We think we care just enough. Be on the lookout for the final installment of creating the complete sales expert (this one is about winning money and prizes … you definitely don’t want to miss it.)


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