Building the complete sales expert:
Motivational incentives

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This is part three of a three-part series on how SVG creates the complete sales expert. To read part one, head here; part two here.

According to many of our sales agents, what they enjoy most about being an inside sales agent at Spring Venture Group is the fact that our clients actually need the product we sell. Sales at SVG isn’t cold-calling and hitting quotas; it’s helping seniors who need and deserve our help. This belief in our process and product is a huge motivating factor for our employees, and something that keeps them working hard every single day.

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“At the end of the day, our clients must buy our product at some point—whether it’s from me or someone else. There are tens of thousands of people who call seniors to try and sell them what we sell,” Learning and Development Specialist Jake Todd said. “I go to bed every night knowing that I am the best person to help them. I am doing them a service, and I am doing it well because I am so well prepared and I truly care.”

But, our incentives are more than just the warm-and-fuzzies. We also offer some exciting and impressive incentives designed to keep our agents motivated and to reward them for a job well done.

Commission & bonuses

Our agent pay structure is based on commission—and we have no cap to how much agents can earn. On average, our sales agents make $67,000 per year, and it only goes up from there. Our industry is unique in the fact that, although we sell all year round, we have a variety of enrollment periods where interest and opportunity is heightened, meaning there are always more chances to make extra income.

Outside of commission, there are a variety of additional bonus opportunities for sales agents throughout the year, including tenure bonuses, additional offerings bonuses, and more.

In-office sales contests

We run a variety of sales contests throughout the year to keep our employees motivated and engaged. This isn’t a novel idea in the field of sales—but we focus on rewarding our agents with things they really want.

It’s not unusual to see one of our agents walking out the door with a prize in hand. SVG sales agents have won:

  • Jet skis
  • Apple watches
  • Flat-screen TVs
  • Vacations

During contests, the sales floor turns into an athletic arena; energy is high, voices are (cheerily) raised, and competition is in the air. But because all our leads are assigned to agents through our proprietary marketing algorithms (meaning you can’t steal a sale from another employee), your only competition is yourself.

Job promotions

Outside of tangible items, we also offer our sales agents the opportunity to build a career that fits their goals. We believe that our employees are our biggest asset—that’s why we strive to promote from within and continue to grow and develop our employees along the way.

We have streamlined our sales promotion process so that there is a clear path for growth if and when employees want it. As a sales agent, the most common first-step promotion is to become a sales coach. From there, coaches choose if they want to seek a management position or work hands-on with our training development program.

For Jake, who is now part of our sales training and development program, the ability to move within the company is the biggest incentive that SVG offers. Unlike other sales companies, SVG gives employees the chance to succeed and move up right off the bat.

“There are so many examples that I can pull from, where people were here less than a year and are already managers that still really inspire me today,” Todd said. “That shows me that if I invest myself into this company, it will invest in me as well.”


We do sales differently at SVG. We believe that we are our best when our agents are theirs—that’s why we’ve designed an in-depth training, coaching, and incentive structure that encourages continual growth and success.

Whatever your financial goals are, we have the incentives to meet them. The sky is the limit with an inside sales position at Spring Venture Group.

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