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December 14, 2017 /


United Medicare Advisors, a member of the SVG family of companies, recently launched a completely redesigned website. This redesign, the first since 2014, provided our team an opportunity to better align the website with current editorial strategies and technologies.

As the No. 1 distributor of Medicare Supplement insurance in the country and a leader in Medicare content, United Medicare Advisors needed a website that was intuitive and packed with high-value articles and resources. The redesign process began in early 2017 with concept meetings and user testing of the previous site.

User testing and comments from a variety of key stakeholders established three main goals for the redesign and the resulting site:

  1. Convey credibility and a general tone of authority on the subject matter
  2. Bucket content into intuitive segments and prevent content rot
  3. Provide an open canvas for personalization and experimentation

Credibility & Tone

Establishing credibility is a key marker of success for UMA’s licensed agents during sales calls. Since this is true, the UMA site should do the same. All site assets, whether a hero image headline, a blog post introduction, or a video, must align with the brand’s tone of authority while maintaining an approachable voice.

Our team accomplished this task through tightly-organized content in the Medicare Resource Center. We’ve taken the most high-traffic pieces from the previous website and re-organized them to fit frequently researched Medicare topics. Each of the main topics (Medicare Basics, Plan Options, Enrollment, Retirement, and Latest News) allow the site visitor the find answers in a more efficient manner.

Content Buckets & Personas

Through user testing, it became evident that our clients generally come to us from one of three buckets:

  1. Medicare first-timer: the most basic, foundational information for those people beginning Medicare for the first time
  2. Medicare Supplement veteran: content for those whose knowledge level is a little higher – these people have had Medicare for multiple years and currently have a Medicare Supplement plan
  3. Medicare Advantage switcher: information for people who currently have a Medicare Advantage plan – who wish to compare them to other options – and information regarding all relevant enrollment periods

Here you see the new UMA home page. Visitors are immediately invited to choose one of the three buckets to begin their journey within our site. They also have the option to navigate directly to the Medicare Resource Center or, if they are ready, head to “Comparison Shop” to compare Medigap quotes from insurance carriers in their area.

Personalization treatments

Moving forward, our team will run personalization treatments throughout the site to better align site organization to specific user needs. Through personalization we are able to provide users different content based on what they’ve already done on our website and many other strategic segments. This means our site is a living, breathing tool that will constantly evolve for our clients. We aim to provide the best possible experience for our clients every time they reach the website.

We encourage you to visit the new and share our content with anyone you know who may need help understanding Medicare.

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