Behind the new

May 16, 2018  /  


Behind the new

SVG has grown exponentially over the past nine years. And before our latest redesign, we hadn’t made many changes to our website since it launched. We knew it was time for our web presence to match our progress.

Process + goals

When we were conceptualizing the new we knew we wanted plenty of opportunity to test and optimize every aspect of the site. We do all of our own web development and design in-house—which gives us the power to make decisions, test, and improve when and how we want. That means this redesign is far from static. It’s a living, breathing example of who we are and what we do. We built it around the mentality we apply to everything else here—nothing is ever finished.

We met with stakeholders and fleshed out three guiding objectives:

Credibility, Branding, and Recruiting

We considered how these three things could be improved through the website to better serve our needs as a business. We know what we do can feel confusing to people outside the company, so clarifying our business strengths was a big priority throughout the redesign process.

We asked ourselves what we do best, and how we could share that with the world. We tightened up our branding strategy to make everything cohesive and consistent. And we thought about the kind of people we want to work here and how we could help them find us. And while the process is never over, we’re further ahead in all three ways.

Look + feel

There was one theme in mind throughout the planning process—growing up. That meant scaling back our branding colors to make them more muted and subtle. All the photos on the site are of our real office space and people who actually work here. We highlighted more of what makes us experts in data science, technology, business strategy, and innovation—and less about the social stuff (but we still do plenty of that, too).

The narrative throughout is focused on storytelling, so readers can get a real sense of what it’s like to actually work with us from the people who work here. We highlight our people and our aptitudes with videos from department leaders, employee videos, leadership bios, and photos of real people here at work. Our language is personable and smart—just like us.

New + next

This redesign is definitely a giant leap in the right direction—but we already have plans for more on the horizon. We’re building more features focused on partnership, growth, and thought leadership to help convey exactly who we are and what we do. We build world-class marketing and sales platforms with a team of brilliant and creative people behind the wheel. And we want to share that knowledge and expertise with more businesses and more people everywhere.

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