5 Traits of a Successful Sales Advisor

October 27, 2016 /



Whether you’re a sales veteran or are diving into it for the first time, there are several qualities we look for when assessing potential hires. Sales Manager Lauren Guinta says, “Not only do we want our new hires to find success at Spring Venture Group, but we want them to find happiness here too. Sales isn’t for everyone, so we want to find out if they’d enjoy our Sales Advisor position before they make that investment in SVG and SVG in them.”

Below are five adjectives that describe an applicant who would thrive in a sales position at SVG.


Our Sales Advisors need to be headstrong and determined. Every day they seek healthy competition with their peers and thrive when pushed to do their best.


Our Sales Advisors must have a voracious appetite to learn. The sales environment we create involves continual learning and coaching and our advisors must be ready and willing to take on new information.


“One thing that impresses me is when [an interviewee] has done research on our company and can explain why our company values and mission align with theirs,” Director of Recruiting, Paige Akins says. We appreciate people who can identify what truly matters to them as it often translates to working with great focus and intent.


Most successful sales advisors will tell you they need to be confident no matter what they’re selling. Sales Manager Lauren Guinta says, “Our agents have to be confident in what they say and how they act. We have clients in a wide variety of situations, so being able to pivot and respond in any conversation is an essential ability.”


Many of our clients come to us in tough situations. They need both our expertise and empathy while finding a solution. Director of Recruiting, Paige Akins says, “Our culture is made up of kind, passionate people. People we hire have to fit with our culture, not just the job description.” We believe every person who walks through our door will continue to make SVG better. If these five traits describe you and SVG sounds like a great culture fit, we’d love to meet you.

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