5 Assets of the modern sales professional

March 8, 2018  /  



Any business focused on delivering a product or service—or, all of them—knows how important it is to have a killer sales strategy. And the core of that strategy are the sales professionals. They help bring those products and services to new customers—and the business gets to keep the lights on another day. Without customers, the business simply wouldn’t exist. But not all sales teams are created equal—and sometimes the word sales can feel like a four-letter one.

So, what does it take to succeed in today’s sales world? Spring Venture Group knows a bit about it. We’ve built our company around our peerless approach to delivering real value to our clients. We’ve hired 214 advisors over the past 24 months alone—and we’re only getting bigger.

We talked to some of our sales team members to find out what makes them great at what they do—and SVG an awesome place to do it—to learn the top 5 assets every modern sales professional needs to succeed.

1. Highly informed + specialized

Great salespeople are narrow in focus and deep in knowledge. That means they know the ins and outs of their niche within the industry and if something falls outside their specialty, they’re not afraid to ask for help.

At SVG, we train our agents in one area of our business so they can help potential clients with even the most complicated questions. If they’re stumped, they know they can pass that customer on to an expert in the category in question.

This is my first job out of college, and I had no real sales background before I got here. The training really helped me feel comfortable getting started, and I continue to have a ton of resources and training available if and when I need it. I know if I have a question, I don’t have to fumble through a solution. I can get help and find the answer.


2. Education-focused

Selling is something we do for our clients – not to our clients. – Zig Zigler

Remember the four-letter word feeling we mentioned earlier? Great sales professionals avoid that by staying focused on educating clients—not selling. That means giving clients all the information they need to make a decision on their own, not just forcing a decision that leaves them questioning what value they’re getting.

SVG knows this—that’s why our model is focused on educating clients above all else. All of our advisors are 100% unbiased when it comes to selling policies—which means they ask the right questions to find the right policy for the right individual, every time. Our value-focused selling model makes our clients feel confident in their decisions—and our advisors’ jobs that much easier. We know the education-focused model works because we see it in action here every day.

3. Coachable

Great salespeople are self-starters and rarely afraid to take charge in the most challenging situation. But the best ones know there’s always room for improvement. They’re always looking for new tips and tricks they can add to solve more problems and add more value.

SVG has a team of coaches that help new agents learn tips and tricks that help them do their jobs better. But our coaches don’t just coach—they’re still making sales right alongside the rest of the team. That means agents can trust their coaches know what their day-to-day is like because they’re all in it together.

4. Supported

No one who’s ever been successful has gone it alone—great people have a strong support system. Sales can be especially tough. Agents have to get used to hearing no, manage sensitive subjects, and stay optimistic through the whole thing. They’ll tell you just how important it is for them to feel empowered and encouraged when they’re having a tough day.

At SVG, we support our agents through awesome leadership, a strong team-focused dynamic, and a dedicated team of data scientists and marketers. Our data science and marketing teams attract and analyze high-quality leads and direct them to the best salesperson for the task. Not only does that make our agents’ jobs easier, but it gives our customers a better experience, too. That’s a real win-win.

5. Emotionally intelligent

My grandparents turned 65 earlier this year, and I was able to help them through the process of finding the right Medicare policy for them just like I would any other customer. Knowing I’m actually helping people makes my job really easy, and never feels like sales. I can come to work and feel good about what I’m doing here every day because I know our solution works and we’re getting people exactly what they need to take care of their specific healthcare needs.


People are the most important part of any business. At either end of any transaction is a person like you or me. And if you think about a stereotypical salesperson, I’m sure you’re imagining an extroverted, fast-talking person trying to trick you into buying something you don’t need. That’s not the same salesperson that works today. Great salespeople know how to add real value, listen more than they talk, and are especially empathetic.

SVG is in the health insurance space, and that means emotional intelligence is even more important. Our business model makes that easy, because our agents truly exist to find the best solution for every customer. To do that, they have to be great listeners, personable, conscientious, and empathetic of every individual situation. Knowing they’re adding real value helps our agents do this in a really authentic way—and our clients can tell the difference, too.

If you’re looking to boost your sales approach, these 5 assets are a great place to start. If you’re looking for a place to get started—or bring your existing expertise—check out Spring Venture Group. We’re adding hundreds of new agents this year alone. Take a look at our open positions to learn more.

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