4 great online resources for sales

March 9, 2018  /  



Most high performing salespeople are resourceful and look for any opportunity to learn more about their craft. SVG’s sales teams are no different. We rounded up four resources that can give you valuable information and opportunities throughout your career.


Okay, we know—LinkedIn is a major social platform you’ve probably already discovered. Chances are, though, you’re not taking full advantage of every opportunity there. Even if you’re not using it to generate your own leads, actively connecting with others in your industry can lead to surprising conversations and opportunities.

800 CEO Read

Has your boss ever asked you to read a business-heavy book that left you wondering what they were thinking? 800 CEO Read takes the time to review popular sales and business books so you can make better decisions with your reading selections.

Sales Hacker

This active blog maintains a B2B focus but provides consistent insights into successful strategies across the spectrum of sales activities. Start with the recent post, “Do you make these 13 mistakes during your sales conversations?”


Some sales blogs and resources lack true insights salespeople can apply in the real world. SalesLoft does a great job inspiring and empowering the modern sales professional with their relevant, informative content. Check out their Stranger Things-based infographic.

What resources does your sales team use to learn and grow? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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