Our Story

Dragging a fridge up three flights of stairs to SVG’s first office with the knowledge that failure was not an option, a handful of brave Fortune 100 expats wanted to create something to be proud of. The initial business model brought to life on a napkin was, in its infancy, an attempt to combine the sales, marketing, and people management expertise gathered during their wildly informative prior corporate life.

Ideas flowed, suggestions were acted upon, and the tight-knit group began a trek towards what we are today. Growth and success quickly demanded an operation that was both scalable and sustainable.

Through it all, a paramount value was that employees always walk through the doors and feel like a significant piece of the puzzle. To this day, that personnel-centric attitude remains unchanged. As new employees are brought on, new departments are created, and more and more diverse personalities grace our desks, we maintain every single one of the key values upon which we were founded.

In the fall of 2013 we made our biggest move yet, occupying a new (and much larger) office space with a stunning view of the Kansas City skyline. Our employees now have ping pong arenas, covered parking, and a full kitchen with a food vendor. People are proud to work here and it shows around every corner.

Unstoppable sales teams led by veteran management. Support staff committed to keeping all loose ends tied. A marketing team constantly searching for better and better ways to communicate our mission to clients. Every part of our process is completed with competency and a drive for perfection. Our candidate evaluation process creates an environment of immediate success and extremely low turnover. We love seeing people grow with our company. 


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