How We Work

At Spring Venture Group, we often ask ourselves to define the “why” of a process. Why do we put so much emphasis on continued training? Why do we have an advisory board of agents and policy services employees?

It is the bright minds that sit in our seats who are the “why” for doing things the way we do them. Every piece of the puzzle is designed to promote both company-wide and individual level success.

Agent Advisory Board

Everyone wants to have their voice heard. We took that idea to the next level with the AAB. It is true 360 degree communication.

Here’s how it works:

1. Each team of agents (15-20 people) meets monthly to discuss issues and suggestions.

2. Those ideas are then taken by the AAB members into a quarterly meeting with our CEO and COO.

3. Every single concern and suggestion is written down for consideration.

4. At the next monthly AAB meeting, all issues and suggestions are addressed, leaving no thoughts behind.

SVG Social

When employee surveys in 2013 highlighted the need for an explicitly defined social organization at SVG, our leadership reacted with the creation of SVG Social. This group, which organizes and executes events throughout the year, was tasked with increasing employee engagement as we continue our march towards a substantially larger employee count.

SVG Social implemented a much more consistent schedule of events that includes monthly happy hours and events, philanthropic participation, company-sponsored outings to local sports events, and many other endeavors aimed at creating a tighter group of employees.

SVG Welcome Wagon

Walking into a new job can either be a cold, anxiety-ridden experience or one of the most exciting moments of your life. We choose the latter and make it happen with the SVG Welcome Wagon.

This crew of current employees makes sure our new hires quickly understand what life at SVG is all about. Lunches with employees from a variety of departments, gift boxes, a meet-n-greet, and many other things all fall to the direction of the Welcome Wagon.

Sales Training

Recent college graduates and seasoned sales veterans alike find a large amount of value in our training program. This multiple week, internally-developed training process teaches our people to appreciate finding a solution for their clients above all else. It is their job to help people make a decision that they would be unable to make on their own.

After training, every new advisor is assigned to a sales manager and coach who give them whatever level of guidance they need to be successful. And since these coaches and managers were all internally-promoted, our advisors know they are receiving the best possible advice for selling their particular products.

Marketing & IT

Our marketing and IT teams believe in data-driven innovation. They work together to drive a high velocity stream of quality leads to our agents through the development of forward thinking technology and strategy. These teams are not afraid to challenge the status quo and always consider both big picture and minute issues when implementing new solutions. 


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