What Does The Spring Venture Group AEP Team Do?

In short, our AEP team is a critical component in delivering value to our customers during our busiest time of year – they help drive our success and have an amazing experience while they’re here! Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) allows certain Medicare beneficiaries to take action on their policies who aren’t able to do so at any other point of the year. This time of year carries massive importance for our business, United Medicare Advisors. Not only is it the busiest time of year for the licensed agents, it also presents a unique opportunity for our AEP Team to work in a seasonal setting with a proven business while potentially earning a substantial income.

Initial Training & Growth

Our AEP team, with a start date in early July, begins their SVG career like any other UMA sales team, in the training room. This three-week process provides great insight into topics necessary for being a competent and successful Medicare advisor. After training, agents can confidently speak with Medicare beneficiaries from around the country.

Support From The Organization

From day one, our AEP Team receives the support needed to set them up for success. Our licensing team handles all licensing and appointments for a variety of carriers in states throughout the country. This means our AEP team has a variety of options to provide for potential clients. After completing training, we assign each agent a Sales Coach and a Sales Manager. While the Coach and Manager play different roles, they are both fully committed to the agent’s success. It truly is a team effort that mirrors our culture at large.

Who The AEP Works With

During AEP, a variety of leads come through our system. From those just beginning Medicare, to those who’ve had the same plan for years but are seeing rising monthly premiums, our UMA licensed agents can help anyone. With a huge panel of top-rated carriers at their disposal, our agents can find the right carrier at the right price for just about anyone.

We Are Looking For Candidates

This unique opportunity is open now! We’ve received a great number of candidates and cannot wait to see who else applies. We are currently in the process of interviewing and hiring for this team, so it is a great time to check out the full job posting.

Be sure to share this posting with family and friends who you think would make great candidates!