Attaining Our Goals and Exemplifying Our Mission: SVG All-Company Meeting

“We’re linked together in every aspect. You pull out one department and we all fall. Everyone’s contributions are equal. We couldn’t be where we are without the right people here today,”

– Jeffery Anderson, COO

Corralling almost 250 employees for an all-company meeting in the middle of the day isn’t an easy task. So, why do we still do it? Because we believe that company goals are for everyone to set and attain. Our best results come when we work together through collective determination and encouragement.

Since our founding, we’ve held tightly to our core values of accountability, authenticity, and innovation. It’s been the cornerstone of who we are. Everything from the goals we set, who we hire, how we’ve developed our culture, and how we make daily decisions revolve around these core values. We’re far from the “startup” we used to be, but our mission remains close and unwavering. So when it came time to set our 2017 goals, we made sure our mission and values were still at the center of it all.

“I believe our goals are a testament to how we live by our mission and values every day. We’re all accountable for the results at SVG and should be very proud of our 2016 performance. We have an incredible team here and I'm extremely confident we can multiply that success in 2017,”

– Chris Giuliani, CEO

Check out the pictures from our annual goals meeting below.