Referrals Are The Greatest Compliments

Because of their attention to detail and level of expertise, our agents benefit from a consistent flow of referrals into their pipeline. One way we gather these referrals for United Medicare Advisors is through the use of agent referral landing pages.

Each agent has a unique landing page that includes their picture, direct phone number, and a form that, when submitted, sends them an email so they can reach out to the new potential client. The referral landing pages, as you'll see below, maintain the same look of our main web properties while also allowing for some customization.

For example, here is the landing page for Eric Thompson.

The content on these pages gives our agents another way to separate themselves from the competition. In the future, we will use these pages to showcase agent-specific testimonials, and to share additional information about a given agent to help any potential clients feel more comfortable reaching out to us. 

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