It's Training Time

Those who succeed in sales at Spring Venture Group don’t necessarily have any prior sales experience. So, how do we set them up for success? How do we make sure they feel comfortable in their new role?

Our answer is a multi-week, internally-developed process which allows new hires to master not only the industry, but also the sales process and the technology they will use in their day-to-day activities.

 SVG's training room filled with gifts for another class of new hires.

SVG's training room filled with gifts for another class of new hires.

When asked how we landed on our specific training process, Training Manager Zach Winkler said, “It really came together as a result of feedback from training classes during our first few years. We never want to settle in anything we do, so this is an evolution that will continue with every new class we hire.”

A great example of this evolution is listening to sales calls. Sales managers save the recordings of certain calls with a lesson in mind that is valuable for a new agent to hear. The ability to pause the recorded conversation, ask and answer questions, and take notes without interrupting the agent on the call is huge.

Following training, agents are immediately assigned a sales coach and manager who both spend time listening to calls and answering questions for the new agent as they ramp up to full production standards.

 “The biggest thing for me is that our new agents sell with an unshakable belief that their product and process is the best around,” said Winkler, “and I think we are accomplishing that.”

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