Inside SVG: Megan Dunmire

This month for Inside SVG, we spoke with Megan Dunmire, Marketing Analyst and General Tso’s consumer.

You’ve recently completed your collegiate studies. Where did you go and what did you study?

I attended the University of Kansas and received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Communications.

A lot of people consider SVG to be a unique working environment. Is there anything about how we operate that surprised you?

 Megan and SVG Director of Paid Search, Jon Legler, review a new Google banner ad testing schedule.

Megan and SVG Director of Paid Search, Jon Legler, review a new Google banner ad testing schedule.

I didn’t expect to find a company that has as much fun as this one does. The atmosphere here is the differentiating factor. The social events are great opportunities to get to know other people around the office and connect on both a professional and personal level. It is all too easy to get caught up in day-to-day responsibilities, so it is nice to occasionally break that rhythm with social activities.

With that said, what is your favorite thing about working at SVG?

While quite cliché, it is truly the people that make SVG what it is. Everyone is so nice and easy to talk to. You never have to fear asking a question because everyone believes in the same mission and pushes themselves to put out the best work they can every day.

Though you received a great education at KU, transitioning to the “real world” can come with some pain points. What’s one skill specific to your position that you would like to improve?

I’m working on improving my competency with the various technologies I touch every day. Things like Boberdoo [marketing software], Google Adwords, and Google Analytics all have varying learning curves and I’m excited to become more and more efficient and effective within each of them.

What is your main goal when operating within those systems?

I work a lot with bid monitoring and optimization. The end goal of these things is to make life as good as possible for our sales teams. The more effective we are with our bidding, the more quality we can deliver to agents on the sales floor. It’s been interesting to see just how agile our team is with making changes. Whether it’s a certain parameter we begin applying or a new rule for a specific source, I love seeing how much small tweaks can affect the overall lead flow.


Dream job growing up: Wedding Planner

Favorite Food: General Tso’s Chicken

Coffee/tea/Red Bull/Water/Nothing: Tea please!

If you could own one animal, what would it be: A baby tiger cub. They’re adorable!

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