Our Top 10 Most Liked Instagram Posts of 2014

It’s time to take a ride in the SVG time machine. We are proud to present the Top 10 Most-Liked SVG Instagram Posts of 2014

10. This high-quality image was snapped at the wedding of one of our employees. These two SVG heartthrobs sneaked into the top 10 posts with the hashtag #MenOfSVG. Interesting. 

9. Our annual holiday party is always a big production. 2014’s event at The Guild in KCMO was certainly no exception. One of the giveaways for the evening was these neon sunglasses. 


8. One of the many holiday traditions at SVG is the setting up of this beautiful tree. Our decoration team, Gracie and Zach (with a cameo by Hunt) secured the number eight spot with this four-part, artsy picture.


7. This one time, Jeffery took a half day on a Friday. This happened to his office. 


6. We commemorate every employee’s anniversary here with a shot of them with our CEO Chris and COO Jeffery. This one for Taylor’s fourth anniversary was a fan favorite.

5. Did you know the Royals went to the World Series last year? Some of our employees took it upon themselves to post the latest newspaper headlines about our beloved team as the playoffs progressed.


4. We had a taco-eating contest where teams of three ate 25 tacos as quickly as possible. It was gross but we had a blast! This shot of some teams getting ready to chow down just missed the top three for 2014.

3. The ALS Ice Bucket challenge was one of the more successful fundraising movements in recent memory. The video of three of our employees completing the challenge includes Ross (on the right) looking super relaxed and happy to be getting doused with ice water.

2. We love our city. This shot was taken during a beautiful fall afternoon when the leaves were popping and the sky was shimmering around the skyline.

1. The most-liked image from our Instagram last year is this shot of Christen and Jeffery on top of our building. We took this picture to root on the Royals as they prepared for the playoffs. Here’s to hoping we can experience it again next season!