A/B Testing: Out With the Old, in With the New

When we did a logo redesign earlier this year for United Medicare Advisors, a simple A/B test was the best way to ensure that transitioning to the new logo would be a positive move. Here’s what we did:

Step One: Create Test Pages

We created landing pages for the test and called them “Current Look” and “New Look”:

50% of visitors saw Page A, the “Current Look”

50% of visitors saw Page B, the “New Look”

Step Two: Watch and Wait

We ran this test for 10 days to allow for a proper sample size. During the test, our “New Look” page had a 26% higher form conversion rate, leading to a 99.9% probability of outperforming the “Current Look”. The statistical significance of that last number gave us the confidence we needed to proceed with the “New Look” as the basis of all of our pages.

The example highlighted above is quite a dramatic change and most tests will be something smaller, such as a headline change or an alteration of a button’s color. As you browse the internet, you are more than likely playing a part in multiple A/B tests. It is one of the most effective ways to continuously test new ideas and to improve the content we deliver to our potential and current clients.

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