Spring Venture Group CMO, Alex Allen, Wins 40 Under Forty Award

Spring Venture Group is extremely proud to announce that Alex Allen, our Chief Marketing Officer, is a recipient of the 2017 Ingram’s 40 Under Forty award! Each year, 40 of Kansas City’s top business professionals receive this high honor from Ingram’s Magazine. Alex now joins SVG 40 Under Forty alums, CEO, Chris Giuliani (2014) and Co-Founder and COO, Jeffery Anderson (2013).

This award recognizes those who not only lead within their business but who also help push Kansas City forward with their civic engagement efforts. Alex’s work within SVG is paralleled by his commitment to participation with local and national non-profit organizations.

Allen (third from right) pictured with some members of Spring Venture Group's marketing department last week during an internal award celebration.

Allen (third from right) pictured with some members of Spring Venture Group's marketing department last week during an internal award celebration.

Since joining SVG in 2012, Alex has provided massive impact within all areas of the business. Giuliani says, “Alex came to SVG as a one-person marketing division supporting 15 agents and has grown the team to now support 200 agents. Alex is not just the leader of the SVG marketing department, he is a leader at SVG and a great partner of the business, a thought leader I heavily rely on.”

When asked to define what Alex means to SVG, Anderson said, “We value accountability, authenticity, and innovation, and Alex sets a great example of living the values for our people and demonstrates the impact people can have on our company. Since 2012 he’s done an exceptional job bringing us into a position where we are setting the standard for innovation in the industry.”

To learn more about the award and to see a full list of 2017 winners, visit the Ingram's website or pick up a copy of this month's print edition.


Inside SVG: Adam Carlson

For this month’s Inside SVG, we met with SMQ Sales Manager, Adam Carlson about his new role, his alter-ego Doug, and his ongoing travel quest: seeing every baseball stadium in the US.

What is your title at SVG?
I am the Sales Manager for Senior Market Quotes.

What’s your favorite part of your job?
I became the first Sales Manager for SMQ recently, but so far my favorite part has been watching the growth of all our new agents. Before being a manager, I only evaluated my own growth. Now, I get to see a dozen agents grow in different ways. SMQ has expanded so rapidly and I’m really proud of them.

How do you believe you positively impact SVG?
I’ve worked at a lot of different places and had many different managers, so I’ve been able to learn from the good and bad qualities of previous managers to help mold my managerial style. I’ve been in the shoes of the agents, so I understand what they need and don’t need during the highs and lows of sales.

What has SVG taught you about yourself?
SVG has taught me how to be self-aware. I’ve been here four years and early on, I was financially driven and that was my motive, but now I want to develop in terms of leadership and be more career-driven. I love being in a position to help others develop.

We’ve heard you have a strange nickname, what is it?
Any version of the name “Doug”. I grew up in Nebraska and went to college in Nebraska and there was some sort of fad that instead of people saying “what’s up, dog?” it was “what’s up, Doug?” So it was a slang/slur of that sound. Then, while in training here at SVG, I said that to our Training Manager Zach Winkler at the time and he responded with “what’s up, Douglas?”, so he knew the phrase too! After that, he continuously called me “Doug”, “Douglas”, or “Dougie”. Now, most SVG’ers don’t even call me Adam.

What’s something you’re passionate about outside of work?
Sports and family. And in some ways, it has combined. My dad is one of the most notable high school basketball coaches in Nebraska. He’s approaching his 500th win! During my breaks from SVG I go back to where I grew up in Spencer, NE and helped my dad coach his team. When I can’t travel home, I help my dad watch film and strategize with him remotely. I also love to travel, but have yet to go overseas. I want to check off all the big cities in the US and see every professional baseball stadium! I’ve crossed off most!

Let’s play the game “two truths and a lie”. GO!
-       Have hit a hole-in-one playing golf
-       Have gone skydiving
-       Have closed a client in Japanese
*Answer at the end of the article.

What’s a piece of advice that you live by?
“People don’t mind negatives, they mind surprises.” I believe in being a genuine, authentic person both inside and outside the office. I’ve taken that mentality and applied it to my transition into a manager. I want to be transparent with those I manage.

Lightning Round:
If you could be any animal?
A flying squirrel
Only thing to eat for the rest of your life? Nebraska corn on the cob
Favorite book? Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Favorite sports team? Nebraska Cornhuskers
Last song you listened to? “Nothin’ But a G Thang” by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg
Most random item in your desk? Nerf gun darts
Favorite spot in KC? The Jacobson

*Adam’s lie: has gone skydiving. It’s another item on his Bucket List! Adam hopes to cross skydiving off his list soon

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Attaining Our Goals and Exemplifying Our Mission: SVG All-Company Meeting

“We’re linked together in every aspect. You pull out one department and we all fall. Everyone’s contributions are equal. We couldn’t be where we are without the right people here today,”

– Jeffery Anderson, COO

Corralling almost 250 employees for an all-company meeting in the middle of the day isn’t an easy task. So, why do we still do it? Because we believe that company goals are for everyone to set and attain. Our best results come when we work together through collective determination and encouragement.

Since our founding, we’ve held tightly to our core values of accountability, authenticity, and innovation. It’s been the cornerstone of who we are. Everything from the goals we set, who we hire, how we’ve developed our culture, and how we make daily decisions revolve around these core values. We’re far from the “startup” we used to be, but our mission remains close and unwavering. So when it came time to set our 2017 goals, we made sure our mission and values were still at the center of it all.

“I believe our goals are a testament to how we live by our mission and values every day. We’re all accountable for the results at SVG and should be very proud of our 2016 performance. We have an incredible team here and I'm extremely confident we can multiply that success in 2017,”

– Chris Giuliani, CEO

Check out the pictures from our annual goals meeting below.

SVG Wins Business Insurance Magazine's Best Companies Award

We are proud to announce our selection as one of Business Insurance Magazine’s Best Places To Work 2016. Best Places to Work in Insurance is an annual feature by Business Insurance and Best Companies Group that lists the agents, brokers, insurers and other providers with the highest employee engagement and satisfaction.

The 2016 award, given to 75 high-performing companies throughout the country, highlights the best of the insurance industry and emphasizes those companies that show a strong commitment to employee benefits and other programs that their employees value.

A few members of SVG’s leadership team provided insight into what this award means to us:

“I am especially proud of the fact that employee surveys and satisfaction determine winners of this award. We consider awards to be a great source of motivation for years to come. I’m consistently impressed by our teams and this award is an indicator that we are doing things the right way.”
- Chris Giuliani, CEO

“Our positive environment is rooted in the authentic connections we make with each other, and our people take on the responsibility of not only preserving but enhancing our culture.  We recognize the contributions our people make every day to the company we are, and the one we're becoming, together, and we'd like to thank them for their efforts.
- Jeffery Anderson, COO

"At SVG, it's all about the people - our people drive our business and our success. We want to create an unmatched employment experience for them so they are proud and excited to join, stay, and grow with us."
- Leslie Shea, VP, Human Resources

Click Here to view the full list of honorees and to read more about the process.


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